Core 101 – Introduction

CORE 101 will provide you with an introduction to college-level reading, writing, and speaking.

In CORE 101 you will learn about

  • the writing process,
  • genre,
  • style,
  • audience, and
  • standard written English.

You may already be familiar with some of these terms, but by the end of the semester you should understand these concepts in greater depth and be able to make more effective use of them.

In addition to helping you develop your reading and writing skills, the course also will introduce you to basic oral communication skills. Always keep in mind that the advice for written assignments may be applied to spoken communication as well.

In order to accomplish the goals of the course, you will complete three major projects:

  • a personal essay,
  • an opposing viewpoints essay, and
  • an academic argument.

This section of the Handbook is organized by these projects. The first part is devoted to the Personal Essay, the second to the Opposing Viewpoints essay, and the third to the Academic Argument.

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